Monstera Ginny Tetrasperma

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is the botanical name of the houseplant commonly referred to as the Mini Monstera, Monstera Ginny, or Philodendron Ginnie. While it somewhat resembles the larger Monstera deliciosa or Split Leaf Philodendron, this plant is actually of the Rhaphidophora genus.



Rhaphidophora→Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

Also sold as:
Philodendron ‘Ginny’
Philodendron ‘Piccolo’
Amydrium ‘Ginny’
Monstera Minima


General Plant Information
Plant Habit: Herb/Forb
Life cycle: Perennial
Sun Requirements: Partial or Dappled Shade
Water Preferences: Mesic
Soil pH Preferences: Slightly acid (6.1 – 6.5)
Neutral (6.6 – 7.3)
Minimum cold hardiness: Zone 11 +4.4 °C (40 °F) to +7.2 °C (50 °F)
Plant Height: Trails or climbs to 16 feet (5 m)
Leaves: Evergreen
Other: Highly variable shape.
Flowers: Inconspicuous
Suitable Locations: Houseplant
Resistances: Humidity tolerant
Propagation: Other methods: Cuttings: Stem
Containers: Suitable in 3 gallon or larger
Suitable for hanging baskets
Needs repotting every 2 to 3 years